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The Problem Solvers Comedy Poscast

Sep 14, 2017

Flipped Out Comedy presents: The Problem Solvers Comedy Podcast w/ Comedians Mike Muratore & Ron Bush. Welcome to episode one. In this their inaugural episode they introduce the new podcast, it's format and discuss key personal issues that require professional help.

Mike wants to date a woman without kids who are not a psychopath and/or knows how to kill like he does. Ron wants to prove once and for all that gay guys are no less a man, a stereotype or weak or some sort of second class citizen due to sexual orientation by challenging Conor McGregor to a winner takes a$$ WWE style bondage cage match.

Keep coming back each week as The Problem Solvers discuss everything from stand up comedy to movies, social issues, politics, health & fitness, religion, sexism, homophobia, politics and more! No subject is taboo or pure enough not to be defiled and disrespected from a perspective of self help.