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The Problem Solvers Comedy Poscast

Sep 14, 2017

Flipped Out Comedy Presents Epsd 3 of the Problem Solvers Comedy Podcast. We interview none other than Charles Rivers of WEMF Radio Boston! He's interviewed some incredible/famous/really cool people over the years including me and brother and legendary comedian Rick Shapiro HA! He's an incredibility interesting guy. Tables were turned and he was a great interview for me and Mike Muratore. Charles also gave us a deep and personal problem that we SOLVED. We will follow up with him in a month to see how he's doing! Other than that on the production side of things we're off to a bad start... we didn't solve the echo chamber sound issue as we thought BUT it will be resolved for Epsd. 6 as we shoot 2 Epsd at a time. SO with no further delay Flipped Out Comedy proudly presents: The Problem Solvers Comedy Podcast Epsd 3 - The mega Charles Rivers Interview, Mike Muratore vents & Ron Bush is still in denial.